The best places to spend cryptocurrencies in Santa Monica

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Invest and own cryptocurrency pays better today than it did a few years ago. Once upon a time cryptocurrency market was limited to individuals only. Today, institutions, corporations, and even governments are beginning to see the true potential of the blockchain. While cryptocurrency will always be synonymous with blockchain, we have seen how other sectors can leverage blockchain technology for effective deployment.

Bitcoin is the most popular and volatile digital currency in the cryptocurrency market and it is accepted by many companies. Thanks to its growing popularity cryptocurrency is now accepted in more countries and cities like Santa Monica. According to Paybis, companies and businesses that normally only accept physical currencies are now integrating crypto payment gateways into their platforms.

Although Santa Monica is still a developing city, there are various fun places to visit. If you are a crypto enthusiast, many of these places accept digital currencies for the products and services they offer. Before we explore these places, however, let’s see what the beautiful city – Santa Monica – has to offer.

Santa Monica: Home of unparalleled natural beauty

Santa Monica, California is a beach city located 8.3 square miles west of Los Angeles. The city boasts three miles of Pacific beaches and the Santa Monica Pier. It is said to be an area of ​​unparalleled natural beauty that attracts tourists from all over the world.

The city is home to mixed residential communities, recreation centers and commercial areas. National Geographic recently named the city one of the ten best beach cities in the world. TIME called it one of the best places to live. The city attracts over 8 million tourists from different countries annually.

Notable places to visit in Santa Monica

If you’re planning a vacation to Santa Monica and want to experience the fun that the city is known for, there are places you should visit while you’re there. Below are 12 top rated places to visit in Santa Monica.

  • Santa Monica State Beach
  • 3rd Street Boardwalk
  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Palisade Park
  • Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
  • Annenberg Community Beach House
  • Santa Monica Farmers Market
  • Venice Beach
  • Tongva Park
  • Santa Monica stairs
  • Montana Avenue
  • Bergamot train station

Where can you spend cryptocurrencies in Santa Monica?

It’s worth noting that a significant number of Santa Monica companies accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or USDT. You can even buy USDT, Bitcoin, or other coins at certain locations, and here are 7 of them.

1. empty seats

BlankSpaces offers entrepreneurs and freelancers the opportunity to share spaces, collaborate and network. They are event spaces that can be rented from an hour to a year. You will not be left out blockchain Revolution as they accept payments in the most popular digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

2. JK & Co. Jewelers

If you are looking for a place to design the perfect wedding ring you dream of, consider JK & Co. Jewelers. They are recommended by many as the best in the area. Also, they allow Exchange of cryptocurrencies for their services.

3. Rakan Ramen

Rakkan Ramen is a Japanese restaurant in Santa Monica. The restaurant is known for serving amazing delicacies for those who want to taste Japanese culture. If you don’t have cash or are a crypto enthusiast, you can pay with yours Bitcoin.

4. Santa Monica Flyer

The Santa Monica Flyers is a premier aircraft training center. They are said to have the most advanced aircraft to offer world-class aircraft training to people interested in learning. You can sign up for training here or rent a plane from them and pay with cryptocurrencies.

5. Wilshire Coin

Wilshire Coin is a popular Santa Monica spot where all sorts of gold, silver, rare coin, and precious metal trading takes place. If you’re looking for places to buy jewelry and pay with cryptocurrencies, you’ve come to the right place. Traders can too buy bitcoin or perform Exchange of cryptocurrencies Here.

6. Meridian Health Clinic

This is a highly rated acupuncture center in Santa Monica. Meridian Health Clinic specializes in treating body pain, stress-related illnesses, and women’s health issues, among others. They also offer all kinds of therapies including acupuncture, nutritional therapy and cupping. Here they understand the advantages of blockchain Technology. So don’t hesitate buy bitcoin because you can easily spend it in this health center.

7. Tiny Wren Press

This is a floral design studio for weddings and events – and they accept cryptocurrencies. If you are getting married and would like to get flowers for your wedding this is a place to go.

Santa Monica is a business city that also offers a lot of fun. It is home to several companies – many of which are not excluded from the cryptocurrency exchange rock the world This is a place where you can be satisfied if you are a crypto enthusiast.

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