The 6 Best Neighborhoods For Singles In Los Angeles

It turns out that 1970s beach vibes and delicious Italian food pair wonderfully. Venice is an iconic LA. neighborhood and one with a lot to offer. Professional opportunities in hospitality, architecture, and design, along with a dose of tech companies, invite a vast array of creatively inclined, outgoing, and ambitious people. According to Niche, it is also a neighborhood that accommodates many different interests, with skate parks, beaches, fine dining, and the fashionable Abbott Kinney, creating a unique environment that focuses on local business and entrepreneurial spirit.

Venice is surprisingly a town of go-getters, many opting out of traditional corporate aspirations in exchange for their niche or specific passion projects. Art gallery openings, beach parties, and wine tastings, Venice offers networking in cool and atypical fashions with a more relaxed vibe than some of its more serious counterparts. If you are looking to be by the beach, surrounded by doers, this is the place to be.

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