Thanksgiving Special 2021 – NBC Los Angeles

It’s back! Roggins Heroes Thanksgiving returns for the ten year anniversary edition. Time for a feast with the best of the best.

The Southern California high school football family has come together as our annual tradition. They spoke to Fred Roggin to share success stories in the field and in the classroom.

With 15 of our former Roggin’s Heroes currently on NFL roster, some of those prospects are meant for the pros.

We are grateful to have her at this exclusive Thanksgiving table at the Hilton Universal City. These athletes also owe a lot.

Dozens of our former guests have played professionally.

After their football careers, some have moved on to new ventures, including Chaminade alum Terrell Newby. He is now a member of the Nebraska Army National Guard.

Protect your plates! This young man has a big appetite. It is obvious that they all have a favorite dish. Good luck getting macaroni and cheese with these 11 athletes at the table!

For most of them, the family is the driving force behind their success. That makes them who they are and they are all grateful for the family on this vacation.

Earnest Greene follows in his father’s footsteps. Dad played for the Chargers in the 90s.

Mater Dei Kicker Chase Meyer does everything to make his father proud too. His father is fighting cancer. Despite a busy school and exercise schedule, Chase is by his father’s side in battle. Chase and his parents went with Fred for an emotional interview.

Our Thanksgiving festival continues, and one of our guests is accompanied by his parents to tell the story of his father’s battle with cancer.

Family could be the most important part of Thanksgiving. It is a tradition to sit at the table with loved ones.

For many, Roggins Heroes Thanksgiving has also become part of their tradition.

Earnest Greene’s family watch Roggins Heroes Thanksgiving every year. Now they are on the show!

What would Thanksgiving be without football? It is just as much a part of the holiday as pumpkin pie.

Of course, with so many of the country’s best prep soccer players in one room, a game had to break out.

Since they’re in a ballroom at the Hilton Universal City, how about a little walkball!

They had their fun and abundance. Time for the last course!

There is a clear split in dessert. Are you team pumpkin or team chocolate?

Everyone should be Team Raleek Brown. He is making his way back to one of the top programs in the country.

Who’s ready for dessert! It depends on who you ask. Plus, these athletes are always ready to put on a show.

Just like you, they ate everything they could on this holiday.

But they are still hungry for success on the soccer field.

We’ll watch them leave their mark on universities across the country.

From our family to yours, Happy Roggin’s Heroes Thanksgiving!

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