Tens of thousands of Southland residents still without electricity – CBS Los Angeles

Los Angeles (CBSLA) – Tens of thousands of residents across Southland were still without power on Friday morning due to the high winds in Santa Ana and the red flags.

More than 75,000 Edison customers in Southern California lost power due to a precautionary public safety shutdown sometime on Thanksgiving Day. By Friday 6 a.m. there were 42,295 SCE customers without electricity. At 11:30 a.m., just over 24,000 were without power, 9,328 in Los Angeles County and 9,236 in Ventura County.

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Some have had their electricity turned off for more than 24 hours.

“Luckily we plugged in the generator and we’re fine because it was over last Thanksgiving and we didn’t have a generator last Thanksgiving,” Melissa Brown of Thousand Oaks told CBSLA on Thursday.

The failure has affected the livelihood of Melissa’s husband, Matt Brown, a private chef.

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“I cook for work, privately, so I have refrigerators in the garage, so I need to have them as a backup in case something happens. Your food needs to be safe and healthy, ”said Matt Brown.

The planned outages are part of the SCE measures to prevent electrical devices from igniting a wildfire. According to the SCE, it typically takes between three and eight hours to turn power back on once conditions improve.

“It’s very frustrating, especially getting a text message saying it might not come until Saturday,” said Melissa.

Meanwhile, on Friday morning, another 2,600 LA Department of Water and Power customers were without power because of the strong winds. In contrast to the SCE failures, these were not precautionary. The hardest hit was Van Nuys in the San Fernando Valley.

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At the height of the wind event, around 9,000 LADWP customers were without electricity on late Wednesday evening and early Thursday morning.

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