Teachers and first responders enjoy free entry to “GLOW” – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • South Coast Botanical Garden on the Palos Verdes Peninsula
  • Teacher Tuesday! Entry is possible on January 11th, 2022 (season tickets); Buy in advance and show your ID
  • Grateful Thursdays for first aiders take place on January 6th and 13th, 2022 (tickets with time stamp); Buy in advance and show your ID

When we want to thank someone who is doing so much for the community and we long to say “thank you” in a great and brilliant way, we can dream of turning on the lights and adding some sparkle and sparkle to let the great person know how deep our appreciation is and how dazzling it makes us feel anew every day.

We don’t always have access to such over-the-top lighting on a grand scale, but the South Coast Botanic Garden’s seasonal “GLOW” show, an outdoor extravaganza filled with cleverly lit creative displays, definitely does.

And the Palos Verdes Peninsula destination throws a grateful glow on the people who do so much for our lives, including teachers and frontline workers.

To show their gratitude, the breezy garden staff invite local educators to join the Christmas lights for free on January 11th, while hospital workers, police officers and firefighters get free entry on January 6th or 13th.

Note that there are specific times for these special tickets and you will want to book your seat in advance (remember that “(others) in the group who are not first responders will need a paid ticket”).

The first teachers’ event was held on January 4th, giving those who share the knowledge and wonders of the world the opportunity to connect in a sublime and solemn way with the green gifts of the garden.

Whichever night you choose, just make sure you have ID with you that shows that you are a teacher or a front line worker.

What if you are hungry? At the event, which ends on January 17th, sips and canapés will be sold.

For all the important details about this bright and grateful give-back, visit the South Coast Botanic Garden website now.

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