Take a short hike to the historic Munits Cave for a fantastic Southern California adventure

Published in Southern California
October 15, 2021
by Emerson

If you are an avid hiker you know that there are many benefits, both mental and physical, to getting out on the trail. However, sometimes the only benefit that matters to you is fulfilling the sense of exploration that pulls your heart every now and then. This popular trail in West Hills takes you to a stunning above-ground cave known as the Cave of Munits. Climbing the cave is a real adventure so be sure to check it out!

During these uncertain times, please keep your safety in mind and consider adding travel destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

Are you in the mood for adventure? Head to West Hills at the west end of the San Fernando Valley to find a hike that will take you to the extraordinary Munits Cave.

You start your adventure in El Escorpiòn Park. From here, the two mile long El Escorpión Trail heads towards Castle Peak. The hike itself is fairly flat and easy, although there isn’t a lot of shade so be prepared for lots of sun. Also, you will have to climb steeply if you actually want to climb into the cave.

Follow a wide dirt road to the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve, and take in views of Castle Peak along the way. The trail narrows and begins to gain some altitude after about a mile. Look carefully and you will see the magnificent chimney cave, Cave of Munits, which beckons you at the end of the path!

The path takes you straight to the base of the cave. It looks a lot bigger in person than in pictures. Those who are brave enough to dare to climb steeply can climb into the actual cave. Please only try this if you are a confident scrambler.

If you make it into the cave you will be surprised how spacious it is inside! There are lots of little nooks and crannies to explore, and the ceiling is high and narrow. It’s amazing that you can actually stand in this natural wonder.

In fact, Castle Peak – from the original Chumash name Kas’elew – has long been treated as a ceremonial and spiritual site by the Chumash tribe. The Munits Cave is believed to have been home to a Chumash shaman who was killed after murdering a chief’s son.

After climbing back to the path from the cave, you can either end your adventure or continue exploring to Castle Peak. For a fun and memorable excursion, be sure to visit the Munits Cave. Here you can see the route map. here. “/>

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