Take a look at the winners, the first teams to play football in the Canyon League

League champions Simi Valley’s quarterback Travis Throckmorton has been named the MVP of the Canyon League in football.

Simi Valley’s Caleb Alvary was named Offensive Back of the Year, Simi Valley’s Trevar Lewis was named Offensive Lineman of the Year, and Oak Park’s Alex Jones was named Receiver of the Year.

Thousand Oaks’s Payton Casillas was named Defensive Lineman of the Year, Simi Valley’s Malachi Hannah was named Linebacker of the Year, and Jake East of Agoura was named Defensive Back of the Year.

Oak Park's Alex Jones was named Receiver of the Year for the Canyon League.

Nick Sloan, Tyler Shinko, Brady Sparks, Charlie Spencer and Matt Garcia of Thousand Oaks were named for the first team; Werner Pineda, Cooper Wallace, Jonah Burton, and Marcus Arthur of Simi Valley; Alonzo Gayton and Nate Hamburger from Royal; Ethan Maras, Max Lopez, and Ty Dieffenbach from Agoura; and Jake Friedman and Richard Russillo of Oak Park.

In defense of the first team, Carson Mott, Tommy Thompson, Mason Prouty, Bo Goslin, Malik Hunt and Wesley Frey of Simi Valley were named; Mauricio Gomez, Michael Ostrove, Brandon Harrah, and Greg Kim of Thousand Oaks; Shane Barenblatt, Chase Martin and Yaiden Ochoa from Royal; Luke Johnston, Andrew McCarthy, Owen Garber, and Jackson Meehan of Agoura; and Max Romanov, George Stasinos, Ryan Kokenis, and Aiden Lutz from Oak Park.

Thousand Oaks' Payton Casillas, right, was named Defensive Lineman of the Year.

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