Swastika and Star of David scrawled on the windows of the Santa Monica College Chabad Rabbi

Swastika drawn from the rear window of the car by Rabbi Eli Levitansky. Photo credit: Facebook.

Anti-Semitic graffiti was found Thursday on the car windows of the Chabad rabbi who operates Santa Monica College, a public community college that houses over 32,000 students.

As seen in pictures shared by Rabbi Eli Levitansky on Facebook, a large swastika and Star of David followed by the words “Is Illegal” were scribbled on the front left window and rear window of his limousine, leaving dust on the glass.

“Well, this is an uncomfortable start to the day,” wrote Levitansky. “In such cases it reminds us that unfortunately there is still a lot of darkness in this world.”

Santa Monica College Police confirmed Friday that a report of the incident had been filed with their department as well as with the Santa Monica Police Department.

Levitansky continued, “The Rebbe taught us that our response to such a situation is to redouble our efforts to do good to bring more light into the world. With that said, I ask you to join me on another mitzvah. “

Michael Tuitasi, vice president of student affairs at Santa Montica College, said the incident was “felt by our community and strongly condemned.”

“I felt sick hearing about the terrible, hateful incident directed against Rabbi Eli Levantsky, who was a great mentor to the Jewish students at Santa Monica College and whom I consider an integral part of the expanded college community,” said Tuitasi. “SMC is firmly against anti-Semitism, as is the college against all forms of discrimination and hatred. We cannot control hateful acts that take place outside of Santa Monica College, but this college is dedicated to creating a safe environment for all of our students and condemning hate speech or acts. ”

Commenting on the incident on Friday, the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center described the drawings as “despicable acts of anti-Semitism aimed at demonizing and degrading Jews.”

“Thanks to Chabad Rabbis on [Santa Monica College] Campus and around the world who lead by example never to be huddled by haters but always to be proud Jews and lovers of Zion, ”the group said on Twitter.

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