Suspect in “gruesome” Los Angeles murder killed by law enforcement in Phoenix: Feds

A fugitive wanted in California was fatally shot on Friday evening in an exchange of fire with members of the US Marshals Service task force, the federal agency said.

The identity of the fugitive was not disclosed, but the Marshals Service said in a statement that the killed person was wanted on a California warrant for alleged violation of parole in a violent assault and rape case and also in Los Angeles “for a cruel one.” The murder that took place earlier “was wanted this month.”

The incident blocked several roads near Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport.

When task force members attempted to arrest the suspect, “a handgun was produced and the suspect fired multiple shots at law enforcement agencies. Task force members returned fire and beat the suspect, ”the Marshals Service statement said.

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene, no one was injured, the statement said.


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