Sunday marks deadline for LAUSD student athletes to receive first dose of COVID vaccine – CBS Los Angeles

Los Angeles (CBSLA) The deadline for vaccinating the Los Angeles Unified School District’s student-athletes is getting closer.

Students aged 12 and over must be at least partially vaccinated by this Sunday if they want to take part in extracurricular programs in person.

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Students must receive their second dose by October 31st. However, some parents and students still hesitate.

Leo Hernandez is the cross country and track coach at Monroe High School.

He says both his boys and girls teams are ranked high in their divisions.

“We vaccinated almost the majority of the team. I’m waiting for two children to be vaccinated, ”said Hernandez. “The thing is, I feel guilty for the students because they’re going to miss it”

Heather Cioffi is a LAUSD mother and two sons who play high school baseball.

“I wasn’t up for the mandate, even more because I wasn’t ready,” she said.

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Most of her teammates are already vaccinated. This week her family decided to move on.

“I told them, ‘I’ll go ahead and let you get the vaccine, but I’ll pray for it,'” said Cioffi.

The district released a video to highlight the benefits of vaccination, as all students 12 and older must have their first dose by November 21st.

“The vaccine is one thing anyone 12 and older can do to stop the spread so we can stay on campus together,” said AUSD student board member Parishi Kanuga in the video.

Hernandez says he saw the effectiveness of vaccination in this pandemic-hit part of the San Fernando Valley.

“It affected a lot of students last year and you don’t see it that much compared to this year,” he said.

Students can get vaccinated across the district from Monday to Saturday without an appointment.

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