Street fair offers locals and visitors alike a Taste of Inglewood

With tens of thousands of football fans at Inglewood for Sunday’s Super Bowl LVI, the Taste of Inglewood three-day street fair and music festival is seeing huge crowds.

The event was a hit with customers, as well as business owners, like Mask-Rave owner Donna Robinson.

“I love it. I’ve been here for two days now and it’s phenomenal. It’s something our community needed. We’re thirsty for this, and I’m glad to see it happen,” Robinson said.

San Fernando Valley resident James Zolliecoffer said he appreciated the way the event brought the community together.

“It’s an opportunity for the businesses to take advantage of all the people that are in town right now. the local people are coming out to support and out-of-town guests are enjoying it too. We appreciate it. It’s really great for the city,” he said.

Marianne Jndyaie, owner of Body Butter & Serenity Lady, said the Taste of Inglewood helped introduce her products to a new clientele.

“We’re getting customers that we wouldn’t get at all on a regular basis,” she said. “Some people didn’t know about our businesses, and customers who knew me from street fairs, they didn’t know that we have a store now.”

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