Stay with Swimply: Rent a hot tub, pool in Santa Monica

SANTA MONICA, CA – You don’t have to travel far to have a fun and relaxing break.

Swimply offers hot tub and spa rentals in homes across Southland, including locations near and in Santa Monica. Think of it as the Airbnb of pools and spas.

The hourly pool rentals app has hundreds of pools and hot tubs available for booking in SoCal alone, not to mention thousands of others in the US and Canada.

It’s the perfect way to spend a cool autumn evening in a hot tub or enjoy the sunny days by the pool in private. You can even host a potential soirée, depending on the host’s rules.

This is how it works:

Use the app to choose a home by location – prices vary.

Swimply is similar to Airbnb, and each host will add a description of the pool and amenities.

One location is currently listed in Santa Monica.

And if you are looking for privacy, multiple hosts will describe the atmosphere and feel of their garden and pool.

Check out Swimply for the closest escape near you.

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