Stabbing, fights and paramedics herald Labor Day weekend 2021

Friday night along Santa Monica Blvd. involved a knife fight and several fights that required the sheriff’s attention.

Lt. Bill Moulder confirmed that “early Saturday morning, September 4th, at 1:30 am, a lethal weapon attack, (stabbing) – answered West Hollywood MPs on a call at 8787 Santa Monica Blvd. The victim was injured and transported to hospital. The victim was uncooperative and did not provide any information. “

At the same time, fights were taking place outside of 8853 Santa Monica Blvd, in front of the BlockParty Store. Jose Flores, a clerk, made a statement, “We heard screams and someone came over and closed the shop door because the guys are fighting right in front of us and the big guy 6’2” met these guys who are about 5’8. were big ″ and hits them really hard in the face and then he bled and the guy collapses unconscious in front of the store. People suddenly came to help him, but the ambulance came about 25 minutes later. The ambulance took a little long because someone was stabbed a block away. “

A third incident along Santa Monica was also reported about 20 minutes later. An eyewitness outside the BlockParty store at the crime scene described “a security guard beat a girl and then a bunch of people jumped in to stop her. It turned out to be a shitty show. People started throwing plastic cups and other things at the police officers.

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