Sports Letters: Laker’s non-youth movement has a geriatric feel to it

Sometimes it takes a few tries to land size and win a chip. Nobody knew how good Harden, Durant, and Westbrook were until they left Oklahoma City. The Lakers have the luxury of using a legendary player like LeBron to take a star like Westbrook to the next level. Welcome home, Russ.

Eddy Jacobs
Santa Monica


After winning Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard and Trevor Ariza, the Lakers have placed themselves in an ideal position to win the 2012 NBA title.

Greg Nersesyan
North Hollywood


Congratulations to the Lakers! It’s about time I heard Jerry West finally get back into the organization … not as a senior executive in the front office, but as the Lakers go-ahead guard.

Dennis Butkovich
North hill


These new-look old Lakers may not quite come through next season, but they seem destined to lead the league at early bird pre-game dinners.

Steve Ross
Beverly Hills


The new looking Lakers wanted insurance. So they brought older, proven veterans with them. In the end, these players are still measured against traditional statistics: assists, attempts, rebounds, points. Better known as AARP.

Paul Feinsinger
Agoura hill


I’m waiting for the Lakers preseason documentary to come out, “30 Over 30”.

George Sands

NBC misses the mark

I don’t know what to make of NBC’s coverage of the Olympics. Is it a two week propaganda film? Is it the world’s most elaborate infomercial? Perhaps a psychological experiment to see how many stories of “human interest” the average person can see before going insane? All I know is that I’ll really miss the split screen in ads. This is good television!

Scott R. Denny
Santa Ana


NBC gets a D at best for its Olympic coverage in my book.

First, it was almost impossible to find out which of the many channels an event would take place on. Second, the coverage of men’s basketball exclusively on Peacock was just plain selfish. Third, the coverage of golf was lame: often watching a player without identifying who he was, what hole he was on, or his position compared to par.

All in all, this viewer let other networks watch.

Jack Wishard
The angel


By the end of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the United States will have won the most medals of any nation. Why?

Like China and the ROC, the United States has a large talent pool, but what sets the US team apart is that its talent pool is so much more diverse.

So I attribute the success of the US Olympic team to our country’s fundamental strength, which is our diversity. I also attribute it to the fact that we are a nation of immigrants, hence the story of Suni Lee. Lee’s gold medal is a benefit to her family and the American family.

Warren Furutani
Val Gardena


When you consider that Simone Biles’ withdrawal from her Olympic events discredits her GOAT status, one has to consider the mechanics of her sport. If Michael Jordan, Tom Brady or Katie Ledecky are unable to cope with high performance, the worst consequences are likely to be lost balls, blocked shots, interceptions, sacks or slow times. For a gymnast like Simone, disorientation in the air can easily lead to paralysis or serious injury. Not fair to compare with the loss of performance of these outstanding athletes who have very different sporting challenges.

Wade Utsunomiya
South Pasadena

Farmer mistake

In relation to Bill Plaschke’s proclamation that “Friedman’s magical act never gets old” in relation to the Scherzer and Turner professions, is this the same magic that Trevor Bauer brought us?

Donald R. Hodel
Seal beach

Violate halo

Well, it looks like the brittle Anthony Rendon is about to be added to the list of Los Angeles Angels who took the property’s money, underperformed, or sped up, and then been forgotten. Congratulations, Mr. Rendon. Looks like you are now mentioned with underperforming Halo millionaires Justin Upton, Gary Mathews Jr., Vernon Wells, Josh Hamilton and Mo Vaughn. $ 245 million guaranteed doesn’t seem to bring you much production these days.

Duane plank
The second

Continue fighting?

Thank you USC for restoring alcohol sales at the Coliseum. I really missed the drunken bleachers in the stands which were so much fun and an integral part of the fan experience. Keep fighting!

David Marshall
Santa Monica


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