Spooky Sparkling goes sky high on the Santa Monica Pier – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • On display at the Pacific Wheel in Pacific Park until November 2, 2021
  • View in person and on webcam for free; Tickets are additional
  • The nightly show with Halloween and Día de los Muertos symbols shimmers from sunset to 12.30 p.m.

The holiday that closes the tenth month? It’s a spooky event known for its shadows, gloomy nooks and crannies, the kind of places where you can’t quite see what’s ahead of you.

And yet?

We humans love bright colors. We are beings with a true predilection for extreme brightness. And when it comes to decorating our houses, courtyards, balconies and costumes for Halloween? Often times, super-shiny is best, or ultra-glittery, or anything that shows a bit of sheen.

And to fulfill our search for one of the largest and brightest Halloween lighting shows in our region? It’s the Pacific Wheel on the Santa Monica Pier.

The huge attraction of Pacific Park is regularly open for various holidays and festively displays the various symbols, patterns, and colors that evoke the emotions of some of our important occasions.

And it is ready to dazzle in honor of a holiday that is known to love the dark.

But the nighttime darkness will be extremely well lit on the solar-powered ferris wheel from October 29th to November 2nd as the Pacific Wheel spins through a variety of Halloween-themed images for several hours each evening.

Día de los Muertos will also be an important part of the show, which features sugar skulls as well as bats and jack-o-lanterns.

Surely your neighbor around the corner has taken the seasonal splendor to extremes, but this giant Ferris wheel will add even more sparkle to the festivities with 174,000 LED lights.

These lights “… are mounted on the 40 spokes and two hubs of the Ferris wheel. The Ferris wheel’s lighting system offers 16.7 million color value combinations, while the programming and display software offers images at up to 24 frames per second to create dynamic, user-defined, display computerized images – generated light entertainment, “shared Pacific Park.

“The environmentally friendly, improved LED lighting saves 81 percent more energy than the conventional lightbulbs on most Ferris wheels.”

Call it inspiration for your next year’s Halloween decoration when you get bigger, lighter and even thicker.

Is Santa Monica haunted the Halloween weekend? Or are you planning a visit on November 1st and 2nd?

Simply make your way to the famous pier to see the after-sunset show (which ends at 12:30 pm every night).

But wait: you can watch it on webcam if you’re busy making sugar skulls yourself, watching a scary movie, or handing out candy at home.

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