‘Something More Than Night’ by Kim Newman book review

For readers unfamiliar with Newman’s work, here are a few points worth mentioning. First, much of this work takes place in a coherent fictional universe, in which a large number of spinning characters move freely from one story to another. “Something More Than Night” is a completely independent narrative, but it also contains echoes and reflections of the author’s earlier fiction. Second, Newman’s tales are steeped in the big and small details of popular culture – the books, TV shows, and films that have influenced us all. His main work is the multi-volume Anno Dracula series, which turns Bram Stoker’s original novel upside down and postulates a world in which Stoker’s vampire hunter hero Count Dracula could not destroy, and ushers in a bizarre new future in which vampirism is rampant. The series is both awesome and totally addicting. You have never read anything like it.

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