Some voters are having trouble casting their votes at the Woodland Hills Voting Center

Voters from across the political spectrum expressed frustration and dismay when they reported they had difficulty casting a vote in Tuesday’s recall election at a Woodland Hills polling center, despite a district election official saying the issue had been addressed.

Several voters from both the Republican and Democratic parties said they tried to drop postal ballots or vote in person at the Disabled American Veterans 73 voting center on Tuesday only to learn they had already voted.

As a result, they have been offered preliminary ballot papers, which will be counted after the registered voters who cast them confirm that they have not yet voted. Still, some voters were dissatisfied with the situation.

“I wasn’t born yesterday,” said Kenneth Blake, who was told by election officials that he had already cast a vote. “Common sense tells me that the system is still rigged and they don’t want the American people to have the honest voice for themselves.”

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A woman who identified only as Brenda told KTLA that not only did she have a problem at the Woodland Hills site on Tuesday, but that she also encountered issues in previous elections.

When asked if she wanted to give up, Brenda said, “It really does. I feel so left behind and so wiped away. “

The problems at the Center for Disabled American Veterans began on Saturday and were due to a major glitch with some electronic devices used to check in registered voters.

The problem, which arose at another Woodland Hills polling center over the weekend, was described by the Los Angeles County Registrar Recorder’s office as an “equipment problem.”

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“The Chancellor has identified problems with the settings of some of the electronic voting book machines that are used at these locations to check-in voters before issuing ballots,” the bureau said in a statement.

In both cases, however, the problem was resolved over the weekend.

“After the problem was resolved, the devices at the locations were replaced and the coordination continued,” the statement said.

Voters who had problems were given pink tentative ballots, which are also used for new voters, those without ID, those whose votes may have already been recorded, inactive voters, and voters outside the county.

Provisional ballot papers will only be counted if a voter’s registration has been verified and the electoral officials have confirmed that the person has not already cast in the election, according to the district voting office.

“The tentative ballot is the failsafe method, so they are actually there to make sure no one is turned away and that if there is a system or voting problem, every voter is still given change to vote,” said LA County Registrar -Recorded Dean Logan said.

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Thousands voted in Woodland Hills and only a handful received a preliminary ballot, according to a district election bureau spokesman. An exact number was not given.

More than 250 polling stations across Los Angeles County were open for personal votes, with polling stations open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday.


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