Snowfall Guessers, Palm Spring Tram Competition is here – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • Palm Springs Cable Car
  • Predict the following: When the first inch of snow will fall at the mountain station (elevation: 8,516 feet)
  • Write it on a postcard and send it on the tram to win four entries to the famous attraction and a gift

FORECAST? They fill our days and nights. We are constantly making estimates, big, small, and absolutely tiny, the kind of predictions necessary to help us decide which path to take next. Do the children want to eat early? Will lunch with your friends be more elegant? These notions are in no way mean, but rather the material on which we build our daily routine. But if your foreboding talents are particularly solid, now that October begins, you might want to use them if you’re a fan of a certain sky-high attraction. It’s the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway we’re talking about, this mid-century gem that regularly takes drivers from the hot expanse of the desert to the fir-filled wonderland near the top of Mount San Jacinto. And like every year at the beginning of October, the good people from the tram invite the fans …

GUESS WHAT: When does the first centimeter of snow fall at the mountain station? It’s the tram’s top target, a handsome building that sits at over 2,500 feet with a real woody royalty. It snows in this spectacular location every winter, but think about when the first significant snowfall hits the ground so an inch can be measured. When you have a perfect forecast, be it November 4th, December 14th, or even a day in early January, write it down on a postcard in a flash and send it to the Snow Guessing Contest, 1 Tram Way, Palm Springs, CA. 92262. If multiple tickets are submitted with the same date, the tram team will determine the winners based on previous postmarks. The price for the first ten correct entries? Four tram entries, cute, and a tram-themed gift, also cute.

THE RULES, Must-knows and all the information? Pass by this site now and start guessing soon because snowy times are just around the corner.

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