Sixers’ Ben Simmons is reportedly buying a $ 17.5 million luxury mansion in Los Angeles

Ben Simmons ended the NBA season on a bad note, to say the least, when the Sixers bounced off the playoffs after losing Game 7 to the Atlanta Hawks in front of a home crowd in Philadelphia. The immediate tsunami of trade speculation has continued uninterrupted for the weeks since, placing Simmons’ disappointing post-season performance under a high-powered microscope.

It remains to be seen if the Sixers will make an offseason move with Simmons, but the 24-year-old star appears to be making moves of his own.

Simmons has reportedly bought a bespoke home in the exclusive Los Angeles community of Hidden Hills, an enclosed area in the Santa Monica Mountains where the Kardashian family and other high profile celebrities own colorful properties.

The $ 17.5 million purchase was reported Wednesday by Dirt, an online magazine that tracks upscale real estate transactions:

The Simmons property is located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac on 1.5 hectares of land and was rebuilt in 2021 and features modern, country-style architecture with anthracite-colored bricks and reclaimed wood paneling. The complex was designed and built by Max Nobel of Nobel LA and includes a main house and a house size guest house and two separate swimming pools. On a lush 1.5 hectare plot of land, the spread with seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms weighs around 12,000 square meters of living space.

A tour of the luxury property was posted on YouTube last week by popular real estate enthusiast Enes Yilmazer, who gives a full walking tour with details on various standout items, including a £ 6,000 floating fireplace and a set of $ 100,000 worth of chandeliers. The property was never listed, but Simmons appears to have struck a deal with it. The property had been quietly bought for $ 20 million prior to purchase.

Photos of the property, inside and out, can be viewed at Dirt.

It is doubtful that this new home will have a major direct impact on Simmons’ future with the Sixers, as he is known to spend time in Los Angeles and previously dated model Kendall Jenner. Simmons signed a five-year deal for $ 170 million with Sixers in 2019.

Wherever Simmons plays basketball, he’ll now be the neighbor of players like Drake, Lil Wayne, Matt Stafford, and Dwyane Wade.

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