Six people were injured when a car crashed into the Alhambra restaurant – NBC Los Angeles

Six people were hospitalized Thursday after a driver crashed into a well-known restaurant in the Alhambra in a video-recorded accident.

A gray Mazda hopped over a curb on Valley Boulevard, crashed through the window, and plowed against an empty table at Chengdu Taste before coming to a halt in the restaurant around 1:15 p.m. on Thursday.

One person was knocked off a chair. Six people were injured. Three people were taken to a trauma center. The other three were taken to nearby hospitals with minor injuries.

Witnesses like Shin Yam tried to help the injured.

“We’ll just come here, sit down, and be ready for my order,” said Yam. “I just saw the car hit people.”

Yam says the driver, who appeared to be alone in the car, looked disoriented and confused.

“I think he was scared, like he couldn’t believe what happened.”

Police believe the driver tried to turn left in Valley, accidentally bumping into the curb and then the accelerator.

Yam took a sigh of relief and is grateful that he was not injured.

“I’m so lucky,” he said. “I can not believe it.”

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