Six lessons learned from the LA Chargers’ loss to the Kansas City Chiefs

Chargers manager Brandon Staley, left, congratulates quarterback Justin Herbert after a touchdown drive against the Chiefs.

(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

The Chargers finished two to five in fourth place, asking questions about the implications of these three mistakes, two of which occurred in fourth and goal situations at or within the five-yard line.

Staley remained aggressive in fourth place during his rookie year as head coach, the Chargers are now 15 out of 26 for the season. Her 15 conversions lead the NFL. Your success rate of 57.7% is in 12th place.

“From my perspective, I know the fastest way to win a game like this is to score touchdowns rather than field goals, especially considering who is on the other side,” said Staley. “For me, when you feel like you are in an advantage situation, when you feel that it is not a game of chance. . . then that will be our way of thinking. “

The Chargers passed on nine potential points with these three failures. You could have tried two short field goals and a 46-yarder.

But Staley has spoken repeatedly of his penchant for keeping the ball in Herbert’s hands, saying the young quarterback was giving the Chargers their best chance.

“I don’t think every decision I made tonight was a gamble,” said Staley. “We felt that it was an advantage for us. That’s why we did it. . . . That’s how we’re going to do things here. I know our team has this way of thinking. We’ll keep doing it in every game we play. ”

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