Several Injured After Tesla Drivers Backs Into Crowd in Silver Lake – NBC Los Angeles

Several people were injured after a driver backed out of a driveway in Silver Lake, dragging people with him and then speeding off Friday night.

The incident was caught on home surveillance footage at around 11:30 pm after the man slammed into the garage of a home and got back into his car.

A crowd of people, including a man holding a dog, can be seen trying to stop him from getting behind the wheel, but the driver got into the car and backed up.

The man holding a dog was struck by the open driver’s side door as the Tesla reversed out of the driveway.

After coming to a stop in the street, the driver sped away.

Several people were injured trying to get the driver to stop. At least one person was taken to the hospital.

Police said the driver went on to hit several parked cars, a sign, and a city vehicle before he was finally arrested on suspicion of DUI.

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