Security increased at Hart High School in Santa Clarita – NBC Los Angeles

Following a recently reported threat, additional security measures will be put in place at Hart High School in Santa Clarita on Monday, authorities said.

Although the threat did not appear credible, the Los Angeles County Sheriff said additional deputies were placed on the Newhall Ave campus as a precaution. 24825 used.

According to a parent of a student at the school, the threat was written on a bathroom wall and named a particular student along with a date.

“On Friday afternoon we discovered a threat against Hart High School in one of our campus toilets,” the school’s principal Jason d’Autremont wrote in an email to parents on Sunday. “We have contacted law enforcement and are investigating the problem.”

“We have no specific details to share at this point, but we would like you to know that we are investigating the threat and have notified the family of a student whose name is listed.”

The school remains open all week, the police presence is increased. The Sheriff’s Department is investigating the threat.

Earlier this month, four Hart students under the age of 18 were arrested after one of them was allegedly in possession of a gun on campus.

After receiving a credible lead through their anonymous tip hotline, school officials and the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station reported they had found a student allegedly in possession of a firearm and arrested the student on September 8th.

According to Principal Jason d’Autremont, the investigation began when administrators learned through their anonymous hotline that a student was seen in a photo on social media in possession of a firearm.

The names of the students – two boys and two girls – were withheld by police because they were minors.

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