Scenic View’s chairlift rides hit their final weekend – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • Snow Valley Mountain Resort in Running Springs
  • Rides on the Scenic View chairlift until October 31, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • $ 25 adults, $ 19 seniors, $ 19 young adults ages 13-17, $ 15 children ages 5-12

Depending on the time of year, different things can take on different roles.

That blanket you love for July picnics? It’s the cuddler, on the couch, in January.

The bowl that you use to cover fruit outside in summer so that nothing buzzes nearby to nibble on the juicy delicacies? In winter it becomes a vessel for warm soups.

Even a chairlift can wear a couple of hats.

In warmer weather, it gives riders the opportunity to enjoy sweeping vistas, the kind of foresight best enjoyed from high above.

But when the snow falls? Hello Skiers: It’s about taking those who love to get up a hill again so they can rush back down again.

Snow Valley Mountain Resort knows its fans like both its summer side and its winter character, but there comes a time when one ends and the other begins.

And the Scenic View Chairlift View excursions that take non-skiers up the mountain at Running Springs? These will end on the last day in October 2021.

You can bet that the last weekend of October is an ideal time for an outdoor fall adventure. Around Running Springs, a charming hamlet not far from Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear, the air is fresher and some of the local trees are yellow and bright.

If you have yet to add a fall foliage trip to your 2021 schedule, October 30th or 31st are great days for it, as the San Bernadino National Forest has several spectacular specimens, the kind of green wonders that really come into their own when Halloween It is located near.

And before you know it? The old snow will re-ice the landscape.

An adult ticket is $ 25, seniors are $ 19, younger adults are also $ 19, and children between the ages of 5 and 12 can travel for $ 15.

It’s not cold and cold in the mountains, but packing a sweater and hat is the way to go, or even a warm jacket. Oh yes: Downhill biking and hiking also come to their end of the season together, even if these are also tempting.

For all of the Snow Valley warm weather enjoyment, head to this page now.

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