Save money and storage space with this Cyber ​​Monday offer on WD 2TB PS4 Hard Drive

While our main focus for game sales right now is tracking the best PS5 Cyber ​​Monday deals, there are still some great ways for PS4 owners to save some cash. A great deal we found is the WD 2TB PS4 External Hard Drive, which is $ 20 (or 22%) cheaper for Cyber ​​Monday, which means you can get 2TB of additional storage for just US $ 70 -Dollars can get.

The PS5 is Sony’s newest console, but the PS4 is still going strong, with more blockbuster first-party games on the way including Horizon Forbidden West from Guerrilla Games and God of War Ragnarok from Sony Santa Monica. Big games mean you need even more storage space. Instead of deleting games from your PS4’s hard drive, you can just grab that external device, plug it in, and you’re good to go.

While it is intended for PS4 owners, it’s worth noting that this external hard drive will work with the PS5 as well. It won’t play PS5 games as they require an ultra-fast SSD, but it can be used to play backward compatible PS4 games, freeing up the PS5’s internal storage for more of the best PS5 games.

$ 20 off WD 2TB PS4 hard drive

wd ps4 2 tb external

WD 2TB PS4 hard drive

The best way to get more storage space on a PS4 is to connect an external hard drive. 2TB of additional storage will be more than enough, leaving you plenty of room for even the biggest upcoming PS4 titles so you don’t have to erase anything. It’s also compatible with the PS5 so if you decide to upgrade, your investment won’t be out of date.

With the PS5 and its accessories now being Sony’s primary focus, combined with the general shortage of electronic components at the moment, it is unlikely that there will be a much better PS4 hard drive offering in the near future. If you’re still working on the last generation Sony console and need more storage space, grab this hard drive because you know you will save money and keep using it with every upgrade.

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