– Update from Chief Batista

November 22, 2021 4:11 PM

by Ramon Batista

Santa Monica Parish –

As many of you know, we raised our defensive stance across town this past weekend in response to the Kyle Rittenhouse ruling in Kenosha, WI. As we have learned from events across the country, the community response has included lawful and unlawful citizen protests related to the outcome of the judgment. We have also seen a trend in opportunistic individuals involved in criminal activity across the country and California. I am pleased to announce that the city of Santa Monica has not seen the kind of criminal assault that has occurred over the weekend even in nearby towns.

The judgment was made on Friday morning November 19th. Announced – The Santa Monica Police Department has put in place a comprehensive plan that includes a contingent of mobile field workers, tactical team officers and support personnel focused on business districts across the city. We received full support and encouragement from our city council, management and partners, including the opening of our emergency management office to provide the city’s resources. Our collaboration and communication with you has resulted in some companies taking a stronger stance on securing their property.

While there were no significant incidents this weekend, we understand that we can be absent and deter any opportunity for criminal behavior. Our relationships and partnerships with you are an integral part of the security fabric of our community.

We have more high profile cases on the horizon and will continue to communicate with our law enforcement partners. We will look for actionable information and remain vigilant.

We love to see you around town and of course we want to remind you that when you see something, say something over the phone 310-458-8491 or 9-1-1 in a life threatening emergency.

Happy Thanksgiving

Chief Ramon Batista

Written by

Ramon Batista
Police chief

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