Santa Monica’s 100 Homes Initiative is moving forward

City seeks public participation in new HUD-funded program

From Dolores Quintana

The City of Santa Monica is moving ahead with a new program to move 100 people currently in temporary accommodation to permanent accommodation, freeing up 100 beds for others who need them. It’s called the 100 Houses Initiative. This initiative is funded through the payment of residential vouchers from the HUD under the American Rescue Plan.

The City of Santa Monica is looking for volunteers to help with the program as there is a real need for volunteers to help personally and with practical assignments. Below are the ways residents can participate.

Identifying apartments: Reach property owners through phone banking and face-to-face contacts who have units that people can move into.

Make a home out of apartments: Donate furniture and household items and / or help with moving in day for people who literally move in with their clothes on their backs.

Logistics management: Help manage donation logistics and move-in day tasks like transporting donations, assembling furniture, etc.

If you want to get involved and help our unfamiliar neighbors, you should fill out this survey to volunteer. The survey also asks for suggestions on how to improve the plan and whether you have other helpful resources that may not have been identified.

Santa Monica City Public Information Officer Constance Farrell anticipates some of the homes will be in the Santa Monica area, but the program’s search for available real estate won’t be limited to Santa Monica itself.

“We anticipate housing opportunities in Santa Monica and are actively recruiting volunteers to find units available both here and in the area. It’s just a matter of supply and finding housing quickly, ”said Farrell.

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