Santa Monica so-called Top Surgeon Spends Thousands of Dollars to Silence His Critics.

Doctor Anton Bilchik aka “Anton Bilchik the Fake” does not want his sordid past to resurface online so he’s spending thousands of dollars on lawyers to file a Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) case to take down the website, https: //

The site exposes how Anton Bilchik became a top 1% in the USA expert surgeon with questionable training, a history of malpractice suits, multiple FDA warnings, dismal procedure rates, and a scan of a Whipple procedure that is nothing short of horrifying.

The site also touches upon Providence Health Systems and their unscrupulous tactics to put less money into their hospital system and patient care and more into their salaries and their Venture Capital Company. Providence Ventures invests in everything from real estate to Chinese film distribution companies, all of this under the IRS 501 (tax exemption) status of “Not for Profit”.

“I’ve never been one to fight for a cause, says Nadia L., author of the site and director of a soon-to-be established non-profit to stop “Big Money” from burrowing itself deeper into our healthcare system.

“I fell into this advocacy by the sad loss of my Dad in 2018 when I realized the travesty of what so-called Private Equity and Hedge Fund money is doing to our most revered resource, our healthcare system. The domino effects then trickle down to our Social Security benefits and insurance costs. To say they are destroying our Healthcare system would be an understatement,” says Nadia.

“In the case of Providence, they rape their non-profit hospitals of the funds that should be used to better the care. Instead, they use it to advance their for-profit investments. They do this by cutting corners at every turn, understaffing , under-stocking supplies, cutting off needed medications, and in my case, promoting and advertising doctors with questionable skills so they can hire them for discounted rates.Any staff that speaks out or complains is met with the threat of suspension.

“I discovered all this by accident when I started researching how a highly recommended, and purportedly esteemed doctor, could have done such a shoddy job on my father’s care. I found that the entire operation is nothing but smoke and mirrors. It’s shocking.”

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