Santa Monica Pumpkin Patches can inspire the best Halloween costumes

SANTA MONICA, CA – With trips to pumpkin patches and fields in and near Santa Monica on the rise this fall, people are already looking forward to Halloween.

However, not every Halloween costume takes a lot of time to plan. Some can be put together at the last minute and even after a visit to the Santa Monica pumpkin fields.

The pumpkin patches and fields near Santa Monica might inspire even the best Halloween costume ideas.

Good Housekeeping magazine put together a few lists of simple Halloween costumes, along with a few tips on how to put them together quickly. All of this can be put together with something seen or found in a pumpkin patch in Santa Monica.

Here are some of the quickest do-it-yourself Halloween costume ideas using items commonly seen in pumpkin fields:

  1. A cowboy or cowgirl is easy. Everyone seems to own a pair of jeans. Then, put on the best looking flannel, much like what appears on a scarecrow in a pumpkin patch, and some western boots to complete the look.
  2. The classic skeleton can be created in a few minutes. Simply cut out pieces of an old white T-shirt, apply black and white makeup, and cut out a heart from construction paper that is often spotted in pumpkin fields.
  3. Some easy-to-pull Halloween costumes are vivid puns. Like “Holy Guacamole”. All it takes is a green t-shirt, printed avocado emojis, and a halo and wings made from the old white fabric that is often used for decorations on pumpkin fields.
  4. There is always the option of dressing up as a mummy – seen in different pumpkin fields – with a costume that only requires plenty of toilet paper.
  5. Dressing up as a live Instagram filter has become a more modern Halloween theme in recent years. Instagram users can pull up one of their stories, choose a filter, point the phone at a blank surface and take a screenshot, explains You can print the screenshot on a thick board and cut out the center to match your face. For the best creativity, tape some bundles of hay found at pumpkin fields to the edge of your actual live story.

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