Santa Monica Pet Store Owner Doesn’t Advocate Contest to Make Vet Mistakes

SANTA MONICA, CA – Marc Ching, founder of the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, has pleaded not to oppose charges of unlicensed veterinary medicine, City Attorney Mike Feuer said Tuesday. Ching, who owns a PetStaurant pet food store with locations in Sherman Oaks and Santa Monica, will be serving 12 months suspended sentence, the maximum legal limit.

He was also asked to pay a fine of $ 1,000 plus penalties and pledged not to make any false statements, such as:

“Just as you would not want an unlicensed doctor to medicate you or a loved one, the unlicensed practice of veterinary medicine is just as serious a problem for our beloved animals. It’s about health and safety, ”said fire.

An undercover operation, requested by the California Veterinary Medical Board and performed by the Department of Investigations of the Department of Consumer Affairs, revealed that Ching was practicing veterinary medicine without a license. According to the fire, Ching not only diagnosed illnesses but also prescribed treatments without the required license.

The Petstaurant website also contained false statements, including unproven instructions on how to treat various undiagnosed pet diseases such as skin dermatitis and ear infections, Feuer added.

In another Los Angeles Times investigation, Indonesian butchers accused Ching of paying her to torture and brutally murder several dogs that Ching used as footage in dog abuse campaigns. Ching described the tragic killings as a “daily” routine in the slaughterhouses, although local Indonesian animal rights activists said they had never heard of dogs being treated as badly as in the video.

Ching previously denied the allegations in a lengthy essay posted on the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation website.

“It’s hurtful to know that after all my 18 trips to Asia and everything I’ve done, people accuse me of video directing and torture. While I wasn’t perfect because I’m human, I have it all did.” I’ve done to make a difference, “he said.” Hoping that in the end we can change things. I think we did that. We have been essential to bringing about any reform seen in the dog and cat meat trade. Essential for raising awareness. And our work, along with the work of many other groups, has changed lives for the better. “

Ching was charged with multiple offenses in November 2020, including false advertising of food, processing, packaging and preparation of meat products without a license, and selling counterfeit and mislabelled food.

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