Santa Monica Mirror’s Most Popular Articles of 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, here are our top 10 most popular articles of the year, sorted chronologically.

Chess Park Tables Removed

March 18, 2022 – The chess tables at Santa Monica’s Chess Park have been officially removed. Full article here.

USPS Suspends Service to Santa Monica Block Following Assaults on Mail Carriers

April 11, 2022 – The United States Postal Service has suspended delivery service to a block of Santa Monica residents following reports of assaults on multiple mail carriers. Full article here.

Report Finds High Levels of Mold at Santa Monica Elementary School

May 31, 2022 – Students and teachers were removed from a Santa Monica elementary school classroom because mold levels counts were so high. Upon inspection, the back of the classroom’s whiteboard was found to be “pretty well covered with mold.” Full article here.

Officials Warn of Ecstasy Pills Contaminated With Fentanyl as Three Santa Monica Students Recover From Overdose

June 6, 2022 – Officials are warning of a large number of ecstasy pills laced with fentanyl that have entered the Los Angeles drug market. The warning comes as three Santa Monica Unified School District students recover from an overdose after taking drugs contaminated with the powerful synthetic opioid. Full article here.

Santa Monica City Council Looking Into Using Beachfront Land for Homeless Veterans

July 8, 2022 – Santa Monica City Council recently voted to look into building services for homeless veterans at what is now a parking lot next to an exclusive private beach club. Full article here.

LA County Sheriff’s Department Executes Search Warrant on Supervisor Sheila Kuehl’s Santa Monica Home

September 14, 2022 – The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Wednesday executed a search warrant on the Santa Monica home of Supervisor Sheila Kuehl as part of what they call an ongoing corruption investigation. Full article here.

Ice at Santa Monica Returns After Two-Year Hiatus

October 27, 2022 – Ice at Santa Monica is returning next month after a two-year hiatus for the 8,000-square-foot outdoor ice rink. Full article here.

Santa Monica Issues Moratorium on Parkway Ordinance After Public Dispute

November 29, 2022 – Santa Monica has placed an indefinite moratorium on a previous directive that ordered Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD) officers to cite cars that parked illegally on driveway aprons and parkways, under section 3.12.380 of the Santa Monica Municipal Code. Full article here.

Gleam Davis and Phil Brock to Each Serve Term as Santa Monica Mayor

December 8, 2022 – A newly-installed Santa Monica City Council has selected Gleam Davis and Phil Brock to each serve a one-year term as Mayor. Full article here.

Former Santa Monica Mayor Dies in Beach Plane Crash

December 23, 2022 – Former Santa Monica Mayor Rex Minter died in a plane crash Thursday when the small plane he was a passenger in crash-landed on Santa Monica Beach. Full article here.

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