Santa Monica, home of the late artist John Baldessari, available for $ 3.9 million

One thing is certain: the deceased, world-famous concept artist John Baldessari wouldn’t live in a simple beige bungalow.

His clear and colorful Craftsman, now on the market for $ 3,895,000, reflects his artistic aesthetic as well as his appreciation for light and space.

He bought the Santa Monica, California home, built in 1903, in 1990 for only $ 660,000.

But after a decade in the house, he decided he needed more space, light, and creatively inspiring living space. Then he hired a couple of prominent architects to brighten, brighten and modernize the house for him, referring to the charm of the craftsman’s roots.

John Baldassari’s home in Santa Monica, California

living room

They extended the rear of the house to include a kitchen-cum-living room and a library above it.

Back supplement


They also added windows and skylights to allow the coastal sunlight to pour in.

Additional windows upstairs

To complete the reinterpretation, Baldessari hired a designer Roy McMakinto create bespoke furniture, some of which may be available for purchase.

dining room

The result is a 2,798-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bathroom home that actually feels as good as it looks.

It’s peaceful but full of invigorating energy, and it’s easy to see how it inspired an artist like Baldessari.



The colorful bathrooms are a highlight: One has aqua tiles and a steel tub and vanity. The other has soft orange, cream colored tiles and a steel dresser and vanity.

Bathroom with aqua tiles

Orange bathroom

The redesigned kitchen features cobalt blue tiles and a modern, custom-made island with a butcher’s block top and space to eat and prepare.


The outside area of ​​the large property is terraced and lush, with olive trees, a lawn, exotic succulents and plants that thrive in the sea air.

Terrace courtyard

There is plenty of space under the olive trees for an elegant meal.

Restaurant in the shade of olive trees

The home is conveniently located in the Ocean Park neighborhood of Santa Monica, just blocks from the trendy shops and restaurants of Main Street and a few blocks from the beach.

Baldessari, who died in early January 2020 at the age of 88, began his career as a painter and art teacher in the 1950s. After destroying all of his paintings in the late 1960s, he began using text and photos in his work.

Born in Southern California, he soon expanded his repertoire to include prints, film, video, sculpture and photography. His art has been shown in more than 200 solo exhibitions and 1,000 group exhibitions in his six-decade career.

Baldessari works of art are exhibited in his home

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