Santa Monica Brew Works has partnered with organic coffee roasters Groundwork Coffee Co.

Santa Monica Brew Works (SMBW), the first and only locally owned independent craft brewery on the westside of Los Angeles, has announced its latest edition of limited edition beers celebrating local businesses.

The brewery has partnered with organic coffee roaster Groundwork Coffee Co. for their latest effort to partner with other local places of worship like Bay Cities and Rip City Skates.

The neighboring Westside companies worked together on what they call “Breakfast Brew” – a Golden Mocha Porter made from cocoa nibs, vanilla pods and organic cold brew coffee.

“Some things are just better together,” said Scott Francis, SMBW Co-Founder, President and CEO. “It’s no secret that coffee and craft beer can complement each other exceptionally well – but the addition of chocolate brings this brew to a completely different delicacy.”

Santa Monica Brew Works wanted to partner with Groundwork Coffee Co. because of their coastal roots and production similarities, the two companies share a common ethos.

“It’s about more than just making a quality drink,” said Francis. “Our goal is to connect with our community through products that people are enthusiastic about.”

Groundwork first opened its doors in 1990 with a small organic roastery and a small café on Rose Avenue in Venice Beach.

“While we’ve grown, our business is intrinsically tied to our community and deep Los Angeles roots,” said Jessica Smith, Groundwork’s director of marketing. “Without the people and neighborhoods who have supported us from the start, we would not be where we are.”

Mixing coffee and beer may sound delicious, but there is a unique process to bring the combination to life. Bundles of cocoa nibs were brewed with Viennese malt and refined with vanilla pods and a hint of chamomile for a silky smooth finish. Groundwork’s Certified Organic Classic Cold Brew adds an invigorating aroma and a hint of nutty hazelnut character.

“This is not a traditional coffee carrier. We enjoyed playing with unexpected combinations of ingredients, ”said Colomb from SMBW. “The original aromas of milk chocolate combine with the Arabica coffee to create rich dark chocolate truffle notes. And the addition of lactose forms the backbone that allows chocolate and coffee to shine. “

Coffee lovers take note, the end product contains only a small amount of caffeine, less than a tenth the amount of full-fledged cold brew coffee. The beer is with 5.0% vol.

“Their roasting expertise helped us find the ideal blend of cold brew that would go perfectly with our golden chocolate porter,” said Avery Colomb, Head Brew Works Head Brewer, Santa Monica Brew Works.

Breakfast Brew will be available in keg and 4-packs of 16 oz can take-away for a limited time at the Santa Monica Brew Works Tasting Room on 1920 Colorado Ave.

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