San Fernando Valley Teen named Youth Activist of the Year

CALABASAS, CA – 15-year-old Rachael Rosenberg was named Youth Activist of the Year by MP Jesse Gabriel for her organization that brings important things to people affected by homelessness.

Rosenberg’s organization Bundles of Kindness produces “bundles” of important items such as hygiene items, blankets, vouchers for snacks and drinks, and socks that are distributed to the homeless.

Rosenberg was recognized at a ceremony on November 14th at which Gabriel recognized eleven other individuals and organizations for their contributions to the San Fernando Valley. Others included firefighters, business owners, educators, activists, and more, according to a press release from Gabriel’s office.

Gabriel and his representatives have attended several Rosenberg’s “Bundle” plenary assemblies, including their first “Bundle” plenary meeting in 2019. Rosenberg has had another plenary meeting since then and is collecting donations for another plenary meeting day, which she hopes to have in the next few months.

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Rosenberg said she thinks her young age draws attention to her volunteering. She has long been a volunteer but saw her potential when she founded Bundles of Kindness.

She and her family were really excited to learn she’d won the award, Rosenberg said.

“Usually people think they’re just that kind of [outreach] when you’re older and having your life together, not when you’re in high school, “Rosenberg said.

Rosenberg started her organization in her family home, but quickly grew out of the room. After several moves, Bundles of Kindness landed in the Temple of Judea in Tarzana, which donated a storage and meeting room to the organization.

Rosenberg hopes their recognition is a reminder that age is not a barrier to volunteering.

“Age doesn’t matter when it comes to helping others. Always look around to see what you can do to help, even if it’s just a matter of smiling at someone, ”said Rosenberg.

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