San Fernando Valley family bewildered after thief steals car from driveway using unmarked tow truck

Caught on Camera: Unmarked tow truck steals car from San Fernando Valley family’s driveway

Caught on Camera: Unmarked tow truck steals car from San Fernando Valley family’s driveway


A San Fernando Valley is shocked and searching for answers after their car was stolen out of their own driveway by a man using an unmarked tow truck.

The family says that the theft occurred Tuesday during the middle of broad daylight, even noting that family members were home at the time.

“It was two minutes, maybe less than that,” said Umberto Perez. “I mean it was inside my house, in the driveway. You can never think that that would happen.”

Home security cameras caught the incident on camera, showing the moments that the man backed into their driveway, hitched their 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe and took off.

Perez thinks that their home was cased by the suspects, with separate footage captured by the home camera that caught a man walking down their driveway just moments before the tow truck arrived. Separate footage also shows the man pacing back and forth in front of their home.

“I think somebody followed my wife from when she went to the grocery store,” he said. “She just came here and two hours later somebody came in and they took her truck, so I think they just waiting so nobody comes out of the house and they just did it.”

He says that his wife and his two children were all home when the car was stolen, and is grateful that none of them were hurt in the incident.

While he hopes that police can help recover the vehicle, he’s a little less optimistic about the state it might be in.

“It’s gonna have no wheels, no seats, no nothing, so what’s the point of getting it back?”

Perez says that they’ve never experienced anything like this in the six years that they’ve lived in the neighborhood, but upon posting about the theft on Facebook, they found that the exact same thing happened to someone else living just blocks away.



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