Ryan Pepiot deserves promotion to Triple-A

The Los Angeles Dodgers have an embarrassment of wealth in their minor league system. While their ability to spend money on anyone they want to spend in the free agency attracts attention, but the Dodgers also have one of the best farming systems in the game. With their potential hitting arms and positional players, it’s easy for a solid prospect to get lost in the mix.

That is the case with Ryan Pepiot. He’s been utterly dominant in Double-A so far, to the point where he’s almost inviolable every time he conquers the hill.

Ryan Pepiot went first batter of the 8th and is removed after 7+ no-hit innings and 77 pitches.

10 games for Pepiot this year, 6 of them with 0 or 1 hit. LOL

– Eric Stephen (@ericstephen) July 5, 2021

Los Angeles Dodgers must move Ryan Pepiot to Triple-A

Double-A Tulsa was Pepiot’s personal playground this year. In his 41.2 innings he only allowed eight runs in 17 hits and 18 walks and dropped 57 batter. When you consider that it only took him 77 pitches to fire 7+ no-hit innings, it is clear that he is ready for the next challenge.

At 6’3 “tall and weighing 215 pounds, Pepiot doesn’t exactly cut an imposing figure on the hill. His sheer stuff, however, changes that perception once he gets going, as he fires a riding fastball sitting in the mid-90s, as well as an improving slider and curve that could eventually become the Major League average.

It is his change that is a real weapon. With an impressive degree of separation between his alternating and fastball pace, as well as the kind of screwball action that got Devin Williams to burst on stage, Pepiot can completely ridicule opposing hitters in the batter’s box.

The biggest problem is his command. His crossfire delivery offers a lot of deception, but it can also cause him to lose the striking zone at times. It can also create problems with his ability to get hold of his pitches, leaving him with fits of ferocity. He has worked to hold back and find more balance in his delivery which has resulted in improvements in his command, but more work needs to be done to take the next step up the prospect ladder.

This doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t take the next step. His development can continue at Triple-A as his dominance in Tulsa shows that he is ready for the challenge. If he can master the competition at Triple-A and show improved control, Pepiot could be in the top 100 by the end of the season.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have an impressive farming system. Ryan Pepiot may be overlooked for now, but that’s about to change.

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