Roseanne Barr buys San Fernando Valley House – DIRT

Roseanne Barr once owned huge mansions in LA’s prestigious Beverly Park residential complex and on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. But both properties were sold long ago, the former to Samuel L. Jackson and the latter to a wealthy but not famous family. Today, Barr has long lived mainly on her 46-acre macadamia nut farm in Hawaii on the north side of the Big Island.

But the fallen from grace sitcom superstar and (infamous) controversial comedian owns and still maintains several Southern California homes, all of which are relatively humble and humble by celebrity standards. These include two properties in the unannounced El Segundo neighborhood of Los Angeles and two houses in the coastal community of Playa del Rey, one of which was put up for sale back in September. (This house remains unsold and priced at $ 3.5 million.) It is believed that some or all four of these houses are occupied by one or more of Barr’s five adult children, or perhaps various other family members. Or maybe it’s just investments.

However, records show that Barr added a fifth property in the LA area to her portfolio, this one in a decidedly different neighborhood from the others. The 1994 Emmy winner paid $ 1.3 million for a relatively modest bungalow in West Hills, a neighborhood deep in the sprawling San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Located on a hillside street lined with other similarly sized homes – some in better shape than others – the listing of the home sparked a bidding war, and Barr ended up paying a whopping $ 215,000 above asking price to secure the keys .

Built in 1964, the 1,600-square-foot structure has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, though it doesn’t seem to have a traditional master / master suite. A brick walkway leads from the spacious truck stop to the brick and stucco facade of the house. Inside there are both wooden floors and even more red brick – the open kitchen and the adjoining dining area have brick floors and a brick fireplace.

The property appears very well maintained and has been modernized over the years; The kitchen has granite countertops paired with high-end appliances from Viking and SubZero, and there are recessed lighting throughout. But hands down the property’s best feature is its backyard swimming pool, which is surrounded by a newer concrete deck and is solar-powered, according to the listing. The 4.5 hectare property also offers lawns, parking spaces for mobile homes, terraced vegetable gardens and fruit-bearing fig and citrus trees.

Barr, 69, made her overnight star debut on the 1990s sitcom “Roseanne,” a project the Utah native probably brought to life – reportedly grossing $ 40 million for the show’s final two seasons alone . In 2018, the comeback reboot of her popular series was abruptly canceled after Barr posted a racist tweet for which she later half apologized and accused sleeping pills.

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