REZI launched in Los Angeles and signs partnership with bond companies

Leading iRenter REZI Continues US Expansion and Grows Popular New Referral Program

Published: October 18, 2021 at 8:48 am MDT|Updated: 18 minutes ago

NEW YORK, Oct 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – REZI, the first “iRenter” PropTech company to transform the way landlords and tenants complete apartment rental transactions, continues its rapid growth in 2021 by launching its platform in Los Angeles, California.


Simultaneously with this expansion, REZI has signed its first contract with a new partner, Bond Companies, for the rental of vacant space in its Inspire Colton property in. signed The angel. Located at 1363 Colton Street, Inspire Colton is a new luxury community centrally located between downtown The angel and Silver lake – offers modern living and designer versions for the flourishing surrounding City West neighborhood.

“REZI, although a new player in the LA market, quickly understood the quality of Inspire Colton and its coveted location in Echo Park. REZI came to us with a compelling offer to remove the normal time delays in order to secure quality residents . ” called Larry Bond, Co-Founder and Chairman of Bond Companies. “We are pleased about the partnership with REZI and their innovative platform and look forward to further joint opportunities in the coming year.”

But not only tenants and property owners will benefit from REZI’s expansion plans. Last month, the company launched its own REZI referral program, in which referral partners with connections to local real estate associations can refer owners and their job offers online to the innovative REZI platform.

To date, REZI has over 1400 units in The angel alone – a total of more than $ 14,000 in submission bonuses that are paid out to the respective referral partners.

“We look forward to the The angel Market and achieved early success with our referral program, “said Chris Kim, Head of Acquisitions at REZI. “Expanding our local partnerships is critical to our rapid growth. We strive to invest resources to develop and maintain our referral relationships over the long term.”

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Founded in 2018, REZI’s is a real estate technology company whose proprietary AI technology is driving better rental results for both tenants and rental property owners.

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