Residents in Huntington Beach Find Arrows in Their Rooftops – NBC Los Angeles

People in one Huntington beach community are dealing with strange and unsettling crime. Someone is shooting arrows into their neighborhood and the community says, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt.

They were hard to see in the dark, but several of the homes had large arrows still lodged in their rooftops.

Neighbors say this has been going on since summer and they want it to stop.

Christmas lights and decorations adorn many of the homes along redwood lane in southeast Huntington beach, but if you look a little closer you’ll see something quite unusual.

Homeowners say it’s downright scary.

Arrows stuck in their rooftops, arrows found in people’s backyards on the grass and in the streets.

Some are nearly a foot and a half long. Many have razor sharp arrowheads.

Neighbors say they don’t even want to go outside at night, fearing they or their young children may be hit.

“Before that happens we want people to take a look at their surveillance cameras and see

if they see anyone walking in their neighborhood, carrying any type of devices that may be used to shoot arrows,” Jessica Cuchilla, a spokesperson for the Huntington Beach Police Department, said.

Huntington Beach police believe someone is shooting these arrows with a crossbow or other device in the neighborhoods.

Homeowners say they think whoever is shooting off the arrows is doing it in the evening hours.

So far, too dark and the movement too fast for any of their security cameras to have captured anything.

“This is pretty unusual for the Huntington Beach police department and we are definitely concerned for the safety of the public,” Cuchilla said.

Fortunately, no one has been injured so far. but again, that is the big concern.

Anyone with info is asked to call the police.

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