Resident Urges City To Clean Up Elephant Hill – CBS Los Angeles

EL SERENO (LOS ANGELES) – Christian Aeschliman said he pleaded with city workers to clean up gallons of urine that was currently on a sidewalk in his neighborhood and even went on social media to hopefully get their attention.

It took three weeks begging the city to send plumbing workers to clean the jugs of piss before someone else decided to clean them out themselves.

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“I was like boys, someone hit you,” said Aeschliman. “I think someone just went and did it on their own.”

While the Los Angeles Department of Public Works confirmed that she received two calls, they said the dispatched crews could not find the jugs on the sidewalk.

This is just part of the mountain of rubbish that has accumulated near Elephant Hill.
In response to the city’s lack of service on Elephant Hill, Aeschliman founded the Heroes of Elephant Hill, an organization of volunteers who meet, pack everything and haul Los Angeles with a magnificent view of the San Gabriel Valley and downtown Los Angeles .

“Yes, when you look over the horizon, wonderful,” said Aeschliman. “If you look down here, you have mountains of rubbish.”

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According to Aeschliman, the city claimed it could not clean up the trash at Elephant Hill because the dirt road that leads there was too difficult for the city crews.

“I came here in a minivan,” said Aeschliman. “You can safely come here. You just don’t want to tidy up here. ”

The city’s inadequate cleaning of the area may be due to the complicated ownership structure of Elephant Hill. According to the city, Elephant Hill belongs partly to the city, partly to a conservation group and partly to private parties. This division of land made it difficult for the city to determine which areas they are responsible for cleaning.

A public works spokeswoman said she could not answer questions about Elephant Hill without first confirming whether it was private property or public right of way.

While Aeschliman is happy to help his community, he is frustrated with the constant garbage and just wants the city to do a better job.

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“I love to help my community and everything, but that’s LA Sanitation’s job,” he said. “LA Sanitation should do this.”

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