Report: Spencer Dinwiddie interested in LA Clippers or Los Angeles Lakers

Spencer Dinwiddie’s time with the Brooklyn Nets may be coming to an end. With her core appearing to remain intact, with Kyrie Irving and James Harden dominating the sentry, Dinwiddie doesn’t seem to fit in the long run as he approaches free agency.

After turning down the player option last year of his deal, Spencer Dinwiddie appears genuinely interested in joining the Los Angeles Clippers, according to Kristian Winfield of the New York Daily News. Reggie Jackson played the point guard position perfectly throughout the season, but it was perhaps a little too perfect.

When Jackson also joins the free agency, he appears to be lining up for a pretty good deal that may be out of the Clippers’ reach, opening up a possible place for a dinwiddie insertion.

Well, there is no doubt that this off-season will fill that void from a long-term perspective, but what would this deal actually look like? Well, it would have to be done via a sign and trade as they would have nowhere to sign it directly.

Sign-and-trade wouldn’t be a breeze either, because even though it comes from a partially cracked ACL, the money it will be commanding will certainly start with a large number. Up to this point, adjusting this type of salary could put the Clippers in a complicated position.

Would Dinwiddie rather accept a bigger role and a bigger deal with someone else, or join a team that just made it to the Western Conference Finals without their star player? Reports show there is strong interest in returning to LA, where he has spent most of his time rehabilitating his injury, and perfectly timed, the Clippers seem in need of a player of his caliber.

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