‘Red Rocket’ is celebrating a solid opening most recently as Art House Films Prep for Awards Ceremony Close-ups – Specialty Box Office – Deadline

Sean Baker’s Red missile, the high profile special opening to report numbers this weekend (i.e. not distributed by a streamer), grossed a solid $ 96,953 in six New York / Los Angeles theaters for an average of $ 16,158 per screen. Critics call the film of a washed-up pornstar returning to his hostile hometown of Texas, and it is, as boldly and noisily hilarious, led by an explosive performance by star Simon Rex. There were sold-out Q&A appearances from Baker and casts on both coasts over the weekend, before the film is selectively launched in top markets over the next weekend and expanded nationwide over the holidays. Distributor A24 said the film grossed $ 39,660; $ 31,282 Sat .; and $ 25,651 Sun.

Lorber cinema opens France in two locations (NY / LA) for a weekend debut of $ 6,227. With pre-opening sales of $ 8,025, Bruno Dumont’s satire on the contemporary news media with Léa Seydoux now has a North American cume of $ 14,252 through Sunday. The film opened at The Nuart in LA and in the film Lincoln Center in NYC.

Remarkable alternative engagement: Imax streamed live Kanye West’s first headline concert in five years on Thursday evening together with special guest Drake in 36 domestic cinemas, grossing US $ 95,000 in all locations and attracting many irregular moviegoers and a diverse, young audience – although the free Larry Hoover benefit concert at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was simultaneously from Amazon Music and Prime Video streamed live.

Streamers with cinema titles do not publish big, but according to my colleague Anthony D’Alessandro, Netflix ‘ Don’t look up by Adam McKay with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and a star ensemble looks forward to a $ 700,000 opening weekend in 500 locations. On Netflix December 24th. Amazon’s Aaron Sorkin directed the Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz feature As Ricardos, looks on 400 screens for an estimated $ 450,000 weekend. On Amazon Prime December 21st.

Most of the other smaller specialty films highlighted in Friday’s preview won’t be reporting gross earnings until early this week. However, a growing crowd of well-reviewed and well-received award contenders that hit theaters last month moved ahead with cautious platform releases or chugged into the holidays and Oscar nicks.


Flee, from Neon and Participant, earned $ 6,275 in the second week in 4 locations for a PTA of $ 1,569 and a cume through Sunday of $ 38,075. The unusual animated documentary was awarded the Grand Jury Prize for World Cinema at this year’s Sundance Festival. Filmmaker Jonas Poher Rasmussen tells a moving story of belonging and the search for identity through the story of an Afghan immigrant to Denmark who happens to be a childhood friend of his. The document sticks to AMC Lincoln Square, Angelika Film Center, AMC Sunset 5 and The Landmark LA before expanding to additional markets in January.

UARs Licorice pizza by Paul Thomas Anderson continues its strong run, raising over $ 1M in four auditoriums in three weeks as it opens its grand opening on 12/24. prepared. Raised $ 176,349 that weekend for an impressive $ 44,088 PTA and $ 1.106 million as of Sunday. The film tells the story of Alana Kane and Gary Valentine, who fell in love in 1973 in the San Fernando Valley. With Cooper Hoffman, Alana Haim, Sean Penn, Tom Waits, Bradley Cooper & Benny Safdie.

Also on its third weekend, Sideshow / Janus Films’ highly acclaimed release Drive my car grossed an estimated $ 60,378 in 24 theaters, an estimated $ 2,516 per screen and new revenue of $ 136,199. Distributors said the film was showing strength in both new and old markets, breaking records in Chicago and Seattle theaters on the opening weekend after the pandemic, while seeing gains in both NYC theaters. It will continue to expand this coming weekend, adding Austin, Denver, Philadelphia and other additional markets.

It’s week four C’mon C’mon on 569 screens for a weekend totaling $ 177,000 and an accumulated gross of $ 1.6 million. A24 opened the Joaquin Phoenix film, written and directed by Mike Mills, on November 19th on five screens in NY and LA.

Focus functions’ Belfast by Kenneth Branagh continues in week five in 819 theaters across the country. The distributor said the final three-day estimate is $ 275,000, with a new value at $ 6.5 million, ranking highest for the more specialized stocks this weekend. New York remains the most important market, with Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Toronto outperforming their usual market shares. Canada had 19% of the weekend gross.

And Pablo Larrians Spencer Staring Kristen Stewart is in its sixth week with $ 66,538 on the weekend across 228 screens and over $ 7 million in revenue, Neon said.

Another notable alternative engagement Christmas with the elect: the messengers presented by Fathom Events has a box office turnover of 1.29 million in the second week

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