Poke Restaurant Chain Targeted During Burglary Spree – NBC Los Angeles

Imagine co-owning multiple restaurants and having four locations burglarized in three days, that’s the case at Ahipoke Bowls across Southern California where workers survival is also on the menu.

Security cameras can’t capture the aggravation that comes when businesses like Ahipoki Bowl are hit by criminals.

It’s where co-owner Hengky Huang is upset over safes destroyed and cash taken last weekend in what appears to be a two person crime spree.

“It started on Saturday morning they hit West Covina, 30 minutes later in Temple City,” Huang said. “The next day it’s Upland and the next day it’s in Rialto.”

NBC4 contacted police in the cities where Ahipoke Bowls were struck.

None have gotten back with a comment about anyone being arrested.

Huang says insurance will cover the losses but he wants those responsible off the streets before an employee gets hurt.

The crimes all took place when cameras were the only witnesses.

“After business hours. Fortunately nobody inside. That’s the good news,” Huang said.

Huang’s 7-year-old business employs 150 people at 20 locations in two states.

Employee Karin Ramos believes criminals take a heavy toll on everyone seeking an honest living.

“It’s just sad. Makes me sad. All this happening when there’s opportunities for everybody to work but they just decide to be on the easy way,” Ramos said.

Huang advises staff to comply if they are ever faced with a criminal. He hopes more will be done to minimize that possibility.

“We lost approximately $6,000 from each location,” Huang said. “I think we might need help from the police department, more security and more patrolling. It’s not just one time that we got hit.”

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