Peloton withdraws complaint after Chris Noth allegations of sexual assault

“Sex and the City” star Chris Noth denies sexual assault allegations against two women who said they were triggered by his appearance on the new HBO Max revival of the show “And Just Like That …”. But the fallout was quick.

The actor – who plays the husband of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), known as “Mr. Big “on the TV series – also questions the timing of the allegations the Hollywood Reporter released on Thursday.

“The allegations against me from people I met years or even decades ago are categorically false,” said 67-year-old Noth in a statement to the Times on Thursday.

“These stories could have been written 30 years or 30 days ago – no always means no – that’s a line I haven’t crossed,” he continued. “The encounters were amicable. It is difficult not to question the timing of the publication of these stories. I’m not sure why they’re showing up now, but I do know one thing: I didn’t attack these women. “

Despite Noth’s denial, the allegations raised the possibility of legal consequences and prompted the stationary bike company Peloton to run a new viral ad with the actor.

The women who accused Noth were identified in the THR report under pseudonyms and as a 31-year-old journalist and 40-year-old who works in the entertainment industry. They approached the publication separately at intervals of months and do not know each other, reported THR.

The entertainment industry expert accused Noth of raping her in Los Angeles in 2004, when she was 25, and her story was confirmed by at least three people in the report. According to THR, she told Cedars-Sinai Medical Center staff that she had been attacked and two police officers came, but she did not identify the person.

The journalist told THR that after a date in New York in 2015, when she was also 25 and married, Noth had sex with her “fairly violently”. A friend confirmed her story, and the woman texted THR in distress following the alleged incident.

Los Angeles police said Thursday they “are still reviewing the nature of the report and trying to narrow down when, where or if a report was filed,” said Officer Drake Madison. A deadline story said the LAPD is in the early stages of investigating Noth over the 2004 allegation.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department was “unaware” of any reports or inquiries about the alleged attack in 2004, said Sgt. Juan Torres.

In California, the statute of limitations for adult sexual offenses expires after 10 years, and an incident in 2004 would be way outside of that timeframe.

In addition to “The Equalizer” and “The Good Wife”, Noth starred in “Sex and the City” during the original series of the Emmy-winning comedy and subsequent films. He made a brief but shocking appearance on the premiere episode of “And Just Like That …” last week, which quickly led to a much-touted peloton commercial relating to his character.

This viral ad was produced by Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort in just 48 hours, but promptly removed from Peloton’s Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts on Thursday afternoon. Reynolds, who voiced the cheeky ad, also removed it from his Twitter account.

It’s unclear whether the allegations will affect Noth’s involvement in “And Just Like That …” given the fate of his character in the debut episode.

Representatives from HBO Max did not respond to the Times’ request for comment Thursday.

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