Peaceful Fall Walks are on the Golden State Breeze – NBC Los Angeles

What you should know

  • The California Fall Color blog is now posting 2021 updates on where the tide is turning in the Golden State
  • The national forests will be closed until September 17, 2021
  • The Eastern Sierra and Plumas Counties are some of the earliest places to go golden each fall, with Southern California’s turn in November and December

We know California is a big state, one of the largest, which means that not everything that happens here happens at once.

Take the fall foliage, which is an important and formidable fall sight in several locations across the 31st state.

Some people may claim there are no seasons here, or a variation on this often-haunted theme, but if you’re in June Lake in early October or Plumas County, or near Mt Shasta in late September, you can take offense with this claim.

And the glorious guide for dedicated leaf-watchers visiting or visiting the Golden State during its goldenest time on the calendar? It’s the California Fall Color blog that has a memorable and quirky catchphrase: “Dude, Fall Happens Here, too.”

And autumn is doing a little bit, even if summer 2021 comes to a happy end in several parts of the country.

Which means peepers will soon be looking for some of the higher-lying places in the state to spy on aspens, oaks, and those wonderfully clacking poplars, tall trees that charmingly seem to “click” when a strong wind blows their oh-so-disheveled yellow Leaves.

But wait: remember that the National Forests or state parks will be closed until Friday 17th September.

Wherever you want to go, be sure to check the open or closed status of your destination before you leave and any other details you need to know before your visit.

Here’s something very handy for peepers who want to know when the peak of color is hitting a favorite spot: There’s a map on the California Fall Color website that gives a clear picture of when the reds, golds and oranges will go almost over her prim.

“GO NOW!” is often the enthusiastic call to action on the website, run by travel expert John Poimiroo.

We are not quite in the “GO NOW!” Autumn colors, which makes sense, because summer is still playing its last hot-hot-hot act.

But when those calls come and they will? They arrive quickly, which means onlookers may need to have a travel bag packed and ready for any autumn adventure they want to go on.

Now, keep track of everything that has to do with fall foliage. Because it’s autumn here too, foliage-loving guys.

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