Over $ 14 million in government rental support funds paid to Santa Monica households

Over 867 households have helped

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Over $ 14 million in government rental subsidies has been paid to over 867 Santa Monica households to date, city officials said.

According to the City of Santa Monica, applications continue to be accepted and Santa Monica renters and landlords are encouraged to file before the state’s eviction moratorium expires on September 30, 2021.

So far, 1,819 households in Santa Monica have applied, and since the public relations began on August 4, the state of California has received 569 additional applications, as the city said in a press release on the 22nd. In the same press release, the city announced that Santa Monicans is based Applied $ 28.8 million in rental assistance based on the latest available California data and received an average assistance of $ 16,526 per household.

Renters who apply for Rent Assistance by September 30th and wait to be eligible cannot be vacated by March 31st, 2022 if they meet certain conditions. Landlords must apply for a rental discount before attempting to terminate tenants for non-payment.

“With the nationwide eviction moratorium running out in 8 days, now is the time to apply for rental subsidies to ensure you can stay in your home,” said Eda Suh, the city’s assistant prosecutor. “If you have been affected by COVID-19, are eligible for income, and you are behind with your rental or utility payments, or need help with your rental or utility payments, apply for this program before September 30th.”

To make the program easier to access, the city is offering assistance to residents of Santa Monica who need help with applying for a rental discount.

Tenants and landlords can call 311 or email [email protected] to ask questions or make appointments. Over 50 residents have reached out to 311 for assistance and appointments can be made in person, online, or over the phone. Help is available for the following items:

* Fill out applications

* Access to computers and the Internet

* Questions about the application process

* Help with scanning or copying documents

* Support in languages ​​other than English

* Support for tenants and landlords with disabilities

According to the city, renters need proof of income, a rental agreement, and a rental book (which shows the amount owed) to complete the application process. Tenants seeking help with utility bills will need copies of the bills. Even if applicants do not have the documents, they can still apply; Most of the information can be certified in the application and the applicant must identify himself.

Tenants who have lost income or had increased expenses due to the pandemic and have not paid the rent or utilities, or need help with future rents and utilities, may qualify. The state calculates and determines an applicant’s eligibility for a household income equal to a percentage of the Area Median Income (AMI). Income eligible applicants can qualify regardless of immigration status and do not need to provide proof of citizenship.

Renters and landlords can subscribe to the government Housing is Key program directly at Housing.ca.gov or (833) 430-2122. to contact

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