Oakland A gets a iteration by designing another Max Muncy

In 2012, Max Muncy was selected by the Oakland A in the fifth round of the MLB draft. He quickly shot through the minors and reached the Major League in 2015. After two years as a utility player and difficulty in that role, Muncy was released and signed by the Dodgers, where he became an All Star.

Nine years later, the A’s have another chance. They drafted high school shortstop Max Muncy on Sunday night with the 25th pick of the MLB Draft, a player unrelated to their selection in 2012.

Oakland A gets a second chance with Max Muncy

If that Max Muncy can replicate the kind of career he drafted as the original player, he could have one of the draft’s steals. The first Muncy has become a permanent fixture in the Dodgers roster, hitting 35 homers twice in one season while keeping an excellent eye on the record and playing a solid defense.

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The A’s newest draft pick might not be that type of player, but he does have a chance to be a solid all-round infielder. Muncy is considered an energetic guy who is constantly working to get better in every facet of his game. Having learned the game from former major league player Jack Wilson, Muncy is well prepared for the rigors of professional ball.

He is expected to develop into an average hitter with the potential for above average pop in his racket. Muncy already hits the ball well in all fields, although his swing can be long and his approach to the plate still needs work. As an 18-year-old, however, he has plenty of time to develop in the A system.

There are some questions about whether or not it will be short. While he has enough arm and a decent glove for the position, some scouts envision him sliding to second or third place as he progresses. The second base could be a need area in the future and end up being Muncy’s future position, as was the case with the A’s previous draft pick of the same name.

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The Oakland A selected Max Muncy with the 25th pick of the 2021 MLB Draft. This is the second time they have drafted someone by that name.

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