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Grifols Biologicals, the Verdugo Workforce Development Board, and Biocom California Institute Announce the Launch of the Biocom Institute Technician Certification (BioTC)

Glendale, CA—The BioTC Collaborative and Global Life Science leader, Grifols Biologicals LLC, joined the Verdugo Workforce Development Board (VWDB) and Biocom California Institute for a ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday, March 7, 2022, to celebrate the launch of the Biocom Institute Technician Certification (BioTC). Hosted at Grifols Biologicals in Los Angeles, the event also welcomed other BioTC Collaborative members, Los Angeles Mission College, Los Angeles Valley College and the Verdugo Jobs Center.

The BioTC Collaborative is a unique public-private partnership focused on meeting the human capital needs of the BioScience industry sector in the Los Angeles Basin. Funded by the VWDB, the BioTC is the culmination of a 10-year collaboration that offers recent graduates from LA’s bioscience, biotechnology, and science-related career programs the opportunity to demonstrate their qualifications as entry-level technicians by passing a no-cost comprehensive assessment exam. The six-member BioTC Collaborative developed the assessment exam with the direct input from LA’s leading Life Science companies including Grifols, Amgen, Gilead, Kite, Neutrogena, Prolacta, and Takeda.

The BioTC assessment exam tests graduates’ core competencies across a comprehensive range of bioscience and biotechnology manufacturing subjects. Graduates who pass the exam earn a digital BioTC badge to include on resumes, CVs, social media profiles, job applications, and other platforms.

“LA’s life science industry is at the forefront of developing life-saving therapeutic treatments, vaccines, and testing to address COVID-19,” explains MaryAnn Pranke, the BioTC Collaborative’s Coordinator. “The pandemic has fueled an increased and urgent demand for skilled biomanufacturing technicians. The BioTC directly addresses this challenge.”

The BioTC is the first no-cost regional certification of its kind to offer life science companies across the LA Basin a simplified way to access, identify, and hire qualified entry-level manufacturing technicians to meet the industry’s growing and unmet workforce needs.

The BioTC participants also have no-cost access to a range of career and job placement services through Glendale’s Verdugo Jobs Center (VJC) and the Biocom California Institute Career Lab online portal for Life Science job listings and applications.

The BioTC helps graduates connect with Life Science companies, differentiate themselves from other candidates, and assists employers save significant time and resources by providing access to a large, vetted pool of qualified technicians, a streamlining hiring processes, and lowering staff turnover.

“As employers, we’re not only looking for candidates who have core knowledge of our industry, but who show passion and drive for the Life Science field,” says Willie Zuniga, President of Grifols Biologicals. “The BioTC demonstrates both.”

“This industry-unique certification has been ten years in the making,” adds VWDB Executive Director Judith Velasco. “Innovative programs like the BioTC are the result of business, education, and community leaders joining forces with workforce development boards like ours. By working together, we can identify labor needs and implement strategies that help people overcome obstacles to find sustainable careers while helping our businesses and local economy thrive.”

For more information about the BioTC, visit, call (818) 937-8051, or email [email protected]

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About Grifols Biologicals, LLC

Grifols is a global company that since 1909 has enhanced the health and well-being of people around the world. Grifols’ four divisions – Bioscience, Diagnostic, Hospital, and Bio Supplies – develop, produce, and market innovative solutions and services in more than 100 countries.

About the Verdugo Workforce Development Board

The VWDB is a unique public/private partnership between business, community, educational and labor leaders who combine expertise and resources to identify, invest in and support evidence-based initiatives that strengthen our businesses, connect community members to sustainable career pathways, and deliver measurable results. Through its comprehensive Verdugo Jobs Center (VJC), the VWDB provides the education and training necessary to create the competitive human capital required for business sustained growth and industry leadership.

About Biocom California Institute

Biocom California Institute is a non-profit organization focused on developing and promoting a skilled and diverse pipeline of talent to accelerate the growth of California’s life science ecosystem. Through its web-based career portal, The Biocom California Institute connects job seekers to hundreds of life science employers.

About Los Angeles Mission College

Los Angeles Mission College (LAMC) serves the educational needs of students in the San Fernando Valley. LAMC is committed to maintaining high academic standards, promoting student success, and creating opportunities for life-long learning. Serving as the hub for BioTC, LAMC administers the virtual assessment exam on behalf of the BioTC Collaborative.

About Los Angeles Valley College

Los Angeles Valley College is in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. The college workforce training department is committed to provide training for the biotech industry and works directly with community and industry partners to create pathways to employment and career advancement.

About Verdugo Jobs Center

Serving job seekers, youth and businesses across Glendale, Burbank and La Cañada Flintridge, VJC provides no-cost job placement assistance, career services, support resources and business solutions to help individuals and employers reach their goals and thrive.

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