New Roads School students named “Young Inspirational Heroes”

Press release from Collett Media:

November 5, 2021

A New Roads School student received top honors at the 27th Annual New Heroes Celebration sponsored by the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce.

Each year, Santa Monica Inspirational Heroes are honored for their outstanding contributions and important community work.

This year’s Young Inspirational Hero is Isabella Carbonari from New Roads School.

Cabonari is an outstanding student at the New Roads School. She has been a member of the university’s volleyball team since grade 9. She is also a member of the speech and debate team. In particular, she was responsible for writing a speech advocating expanding sexual health education for NRS students and influencing its implementation.

She is a member of the Leaders of Human Rights Watch Student Task Force. She has been editor of the literary magazine since the second year and this year she is the food and culture editor of the school newspaper.

Among the notable contributions, she also worked on a recycling project to make the school more sustainable when she was a freshman.

“Welcoming our excellent educators, police officers, and firefighters, and honoring our health heroes this year is something no other community is doing,” said Laurel Rosen, president of the Santa Monica Chamber. “This event is an opportunity for our community to say thank you. These are our unsung heroes, and they deserve recognition.”

“We are deeply moved by the extraordinary contributions from these people, and I join the Santa Monica Chamber in celebrating their service,” said Senator Ben Allen. “It has been a challenging year for the city of Santa Monica and these vital organizations have looked after us in our time of great need.”

New Roads School is proud of everything Isabella has achieved and grateful that she received this honor.

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