New details on the LAX ‘Jet Pack’ recent sighting – NBC Los Angeles

Air traffic control records and documents show how the newest jetliner pilot reported seeing a person flying in a jetpack near Los Angeles International Airport and a description of the person’s clothing, according to the FAA by the NBC4 I-Team under the Freedom of Information Act.

A Kalitta Air cargo pilot using the callsign “Connie 363” made the latest report on July 29 when queuing for the final approach to the south runways at LAX, according to an FAA recording taken directly from his communications network .

“Connie 363, possible jetpack man in sight at Position Gate,” said the pilot as he descended through 5,000 feet near Highways 710 and 105.

“Was it on your left or right, sir?” Asked the controller.

“Uh, right wing, red outfit,” replied the pilot.

The controller, who worked from a remote air traffic control center called “So Cal Approach”, then warned other pilots to keep an eye out for the object in flight.

“Warning, all planes are careful with the jetpack. He is just north of the final at 5000 at ‘Gate’, which was last reported. “

Minutes later, the same pilot asked a FedEx cargo pilot to search for the object.

“FedEx 326 Heavy, let me know when you see this, uh, Jetman. He was just reported up here, ”she said.

“I’m looking, I don’t have any [inaudible] By now I’ll let you know FedEx 326 heavy, ”the pilot replied.

“Okay, they all call them Iron Man,” said the controller.

The incident was summarized in an FAA Mandatory Occurrence Report, which is used to document a variety of unusual events. The first report, also received by Team I, said that an LA County Sheriff’s helicopter crew had been notified of the sighting because it was reported in the air over an area patrolled by the Sheriff’s Department.

Minutes later, during a briefing for another air traffic controller, the same controller said that no other pilot in the same area saw anything similar at the same time.

“The man in the jetpack was reported here about 15 minutes ago and no one else reported them, so I think he was scared,” said the controller.

Several law enforcement sources have told the I-Team that no corroborating witnesses or evidence – such as cell phone videos – has yet been found for the July 2021 report. The first two pilot reports in August and October 2020 reportedly resulted in similar dead ends.

The I-Team has confirmed that sometime after the second sighting in 2020, a LAPD helicopter crew recorded a video of an object in flight that resembled a “scarecrow” and was possibly carried up by balloons. The LAPD denied our request for a copy of the video, which was made available to both the FBI and the FAA.

The FBI said Wednesday that there was no new information about the case that could be publicly disclosed, calling it an open, ongoing investigation.

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